Welcome to Fragments of Yggdrasil

Come celebrate halloween with us


Seasonal event all year long!

In 6 months, it's 5 events that you could live with us. On the theme of Easter, plants, sun, back to school and now Halloween.

New quests, new instances, new interactive ways to farm your consumables. Regular and innovative content throughout the year.


- Max Level/Job : 99/70
- Max Stats : 99
- Max ASPD : 190
- Normal monsters : 15/15/5 (min drop 0.1%)
- Boss monsters : 15/15/3
- Drops Normal Card : 0.1%
- Drops MVP Card : 0.01%
- Server : Pre-Renewal

EPISODE 13.2 :

- 9 Fragments : Travel around Midgard to find the Yggdrasil Fragments.
- Costume : Transform any hat in costume.
- Quest : Many quests available, rp or not !
- Custom Fields and Dungeon : South of the capital, a brand new adventure awaits you, new monsters and bosses to meet.


- Battleground : BG eamod with rewards, only weapons are not available.
- War Of Emperium : Every Sunday from 21h to 22h in a castle FE without precast!


- Protection : We use the best internal and external protections of the market to allow you to enjoy your game without fear or problems.
- @LGP : A plugin allowing a better readability of the most important information in the heart of the fight.


- @security : Do you lend your account temporarily? Protect it !
- @restockManage : A restock in the city fast and efficient, take what you need before going back to combat.
- @helpStart : New on the server? This command will inform you about the main features of the server.
- @showrare : Highlight the rarer drops.
- And more : @autoloot, @mi, @ii, @whodrops, @whereis, @alootid ...


- Fields and Dungeons : South of the capital, a brand new adventure awaits you, new monsters and bosses to meet.
- @achievement : A system of achievements to follow your exploits in quests, secret discoveries and killing of monsters!
- Abyss 4 : Come discover Bone Acidus, Bone Ferus and Bone Detale in this new dungeon floor!



Precautions :

-Do not install in Program files.
-Run _Setup.exe first
-Run the _Patcher.exe as an administrator to start the server.

Too slow ?

mediafire - google drive - mega

Issue at launch

-To remove the green squares, use @lgp
-Install some of the visual packages :
2005 - 2008 - 2008 64b - 2010 - 2010 64b
-Put the client on the desktop
-Launch the client in administrator mode.

Issue at launch

-Launch directly _FoY.exe
-Check the resolution in _Setup.exe
-Open _Setup.exe and test different graphics devices (do not really neglect)
-Restart the pc (yes, sometimes it's magic :p)
-Re unzip the client (sometimes a file has bad dezip)
-Re download the client (sometimes a file has been downloaded incorrectly, but it is a last option ...)

_FoY.exe has stopped working

-Try to add an exception for the client in your anitvirus or disabling it.
-Sometimes the error is cause by DEP or also known as Data Execution Prevention, To be able to fix this error:
*Right Click "My Computer"
*Click Properties
*On the Left side menu, Click Advanced System Settings
*Go to Advance Tab
*On the Performance Section Click Settings Button
*On the Data Execution Prevention Tab
*Click Add
*Add _Foy.exe


-Reduces the time of the sound to 5 seconds of some songs and Gospel: here (extract and merge the extracted data with the client data)


All the rules below are subject to change.
Do not try to play with the rules.

I / Respect

II / Bug, Cheat and AFK

III / Double Account

IV / The Capital

V / The monsters

VI / Account / Character


VIII / Sanctions

IX / Discord

RotopServ :

-Votes give you points. Numbers Helper
-Vote with your character name.
-A vote by Hour


RateMyServer :

-One of the most famous website where you can review
-One review by user