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11/04/2019 Easter is here!

From Thursday, April 11 to Wednesday, April 24 late evening, Fragments Of Yggdrasil celebrates Easter!
On this occasion you will be able to take part in a big raffle, participate for 500.000z and you will leave immediately with a Easter Basket (uID).
Several new quests have appeared:
-A young lady can't wait to find chocolates at dream_fild2 (qpet-oriented quest)
-An explorer, near the pond at Dreamea, is searching for adventurers to help her find treasure (experience-oriented quest)
-Ohron wants to save a weakened spirit by Baphomet at prt_monk (a friendly rabbit to find)
(Thanks to Walneiros and Kusla for these quests!)
One last quest is about helping a rabbit finds its egg at dream_fild4.
New cash shop hats will be available until the beginning of the next event.
Cute chocolate monsters giving experiences and Woe potions (blue and white) walk everywhere.
And, just by logging in during the period will allow you to win a Bunny Egg Shell. One hat by uID, but it's a gift, no condition!

For those who wonder, this is not a real seasonal event. It's a bit early in the life of the server to get you started on a big events of 3 weeks with more content, but, we could not miss Easter! Let's check Dreamea's Kafra!

In addition to Easter:
-The lif will now fully complete after using Mental Change
-Grand Cross now has 3 hits each time
-The healer / kafra / warper / tool dealer basic / restock npcs are now available in all cities
-The tool dealer in the capital sells now blue gemstone / arrow / fire arrow / silver arrow / bullet / Silver bullet / Bloody Shell
-The snono spirit should no longer remove the hat
-To each monster killed, the taekwon will display the state of their quest at the top

We will keep you informed of progress on WoE and BG in a future news.

Happy Easter everyone !