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13/06/2019: Patch Woodie Adventure

The Woodie adventure is available! You can follow the story that will reward you in hat (costume or not), experience, and maybe qpet?
But a woodie with a certain bandana already wants to do business with you, although he is busy with the disappearance of the only female woodie and does not like to do business with strangers.

Overall this world allows you to get experience, 4 hats and 2 qpet, although some rewards are not so obvious to find.

This patch also brings you 3 new, more classic quests listed in the wiki.

The guide of the gods has meanwhile not idle! A certain Thormir in Einbech make talk about him, he would have clues on a fragment ...
Only the first quest is obligatory to be able to begin this one. Will you take up the challenge?

This patch adds to the total 2 new stories to follow, 9 new hats and 2 new qpet! Wiki link