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10/05/2019 : Event Plant

You can now collect orbs in several ways for the duration of the event.
These orbs allow you to buy hats and consumables usable everywhere during the event.

You will have several ways to get one orbs:
-Plants have appeared in all Midgard, you can collect orbs on it directly but know that they grow over time and you will give more orbs if you kill them when they are bigger.
-The new event box that you will get now gives bonus plant orbs.
-You can hunt some monsters to earn XP and some orbs.
-An instance (possible to join with @joinInstPlant from any city) where your goal is to escort a plant (id 2151 for your homunculus) to the end of a path.
-New hats are available in cash shop for 2 weeks at a reduced price.

New quests have been added:
-A new part of the main quest is available it starts at yggrasil_se. Wiki link
-An angry Spore needs you to avenge his Willow friends. Wiki link
-Aliza has been hired to clean up Dreamea's library but it looks like she's depressing a bit. Wiki link
-A leaf cat is hiding in a vase at ayo_dun01, it has a special request. Wiki link

From Monday, auctions will have him every 2 days. You can now bet on all the lots, only the person with the best bid will receive the item, the others will get their bet back. You can change your bet at any time.

As we have already mentioned, the purpose of the event is to give you new challenges and new ways to farm your consumables during its duration and then return to your good old habits. More informations available on Wiki link.