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-Base: Episode 13.2 (Brasilis Modified)
-Max Level: 99
-Max Job: 70
-Max Stats: 99
-Aspd Max: 190
-66 hairstyles and 500 skin
-Immune Stats: 100
-We will not reset official quests that may fail.
-Repeatable quests (sharp leaf ect.) not implemented.
-Tax on sales of 2%.

Drop and exp

-Normal monsters: 15/15/5 with min drop to 0.1%
-Boss monsters: 15/15/3 with mvp card at 0.01%
-Increased the drop quest we put at x7.5 to x10 but, cap of 2,000% of the current level of max experience gain
-1% exp per death (except in event / pvp / capital / nuke)
-The more member you have with a different uID in your team, the better the bonus exp rate given:
     * 1-3 members: 8% per member
     * 4-6 members: 10% per member
     * 7-9 members: 12% per member
     * 10+ members: 14% member (10 real players, each monster gives 140% experience)


-Paying Warper (city and 1st floor of dungeon), everything is accessible, but dungeons with an offi quest to access are more expensive, until the quest is completed
-Card Remover (20% chance of fail, but will never break anything)
-Job Change paying, and reward if you perform official quests
-Reset Nono death/star glad hatred feeling (cost zeny/item and have a cooldown)
-Plagarism NPC (cost zeny and have cooldown)


-Fields and dungeons accessible from the south of the capital.
-Metamorphosis disabled on monsters.
-Dracula spawn more slowly his monsters.
-Ribbon equipable by girls and boys.
-Reflect Sword / Reflect shield at maxHP of the caster.
-GTB lowered to 60% (as much at the level of the magic immunity, as the consumption of sp)
-Set bg armor are available but the weapons or accessories are not
-BG eamod, with conso WoE but not opened h24.
-A custom trainer job, it's the qpet catch mecanism reworked (to learn it, go to the top west of dreamea)
-Added icons:
      * Resist potion
      * Scroll change element
     * Undead Scroll
      * The states: blind / confused / curse / deadlypoison / freeze / Poison / Silence / Sleep / stone curse / stun / undead
      * The songs (do not display the time, only if activated): apple of idun / Bragi / humming / Do not forget me / Fortune Kiss / Service for You / Kim a Rich Man / Eternal Chaos / Drum on the Battlefield / Ring of Nibelungen / Loki's Veil / Into the Abyss / Siegfried
-A mid slot will be available by a custom instance.
-Stuff not feasible on official, droppable / achievable
-Possibility to make a hat bottom non slot stat +1 by performing the Kimi quest (Instance end PvE)
-Brasilis town / fild / dun (renewal spawns) - With only the brasilis quest entrance -
-iara spawn cd on bra_dun02 is 50 secs.


-The auto events will give zeny and cash points
-Achievements for quests and events
-BG eamod
-Seasonal Event System
-Abracadabra is not unnerfed
-Auction system
-Lottery system
-Hat Costum system: A npc allows against a few items including a vote coin (25 votes on rotop) to change any hat in costume.


-Translation of the server custom in English WITHOUT duplication of messages, you will have all the announcements / npc / npctalk in the language you have chosen
-Gepard with LGP
-In capital, you have access all around the central square at healer / warper / kafra / tool dealer. You have greater freedom to choose your respawn point
- Now each player has a unique ID (uID), representing a person. Each person can have multiple accounts but will only have one uID. Do not worry, many people under the same roof playing on the same connection will have 2 different uIDs.
-Impossibility to connect with the same uID twice to the bg, same for the woe, some rewards of instances will also be defined by uID (and not only by player present).


For the main ones:
- @alootid (up to 10 items)
- @autoloot
- @mi
- @prouesse
- @lgp

Seasonal Event

Every 3-4 weeks a thematic event will be set up, adding quests and / or events and / or mechanisms and / or instances. You will earn specific coins of the event that you can spend for:
-hat of the theme in place
-a great lottery with several lots
-conso: usable only during the event and 1 week after its end. They are of any type.
You will have new solutions to farm your consos for several weeks before going back a few weeks to resume the good old habits.


Hat - Maps - Cards - Qpet

Respawn Times
-Mini MVP on dream_fild: 30min
-Mini MVP on fire/water/sky/earth fild and dun: 60~90min
-Mini MVP on death_fild: 120~240min
-MVP on fire dun: 120~180min
-MVP on water dun: 150~210min
-MVP on earth dun: 180~240min
-MVP on sky dun: 210~270min
-MVP on death dun: 120~180min