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All the rules below are subject to change.
Do not try to play with the rules.

I / Respect

  • The Fragments of Yggdrasil team does not tolerate any racist, anti-Semitic, sexual, or abusive language / name / nickname.
  • The Fragments of Yggdrasil team reserves the right to rename any character who does not respect the previous rule in their eyes.
  • Flood or spam of phrases / words is forbidden.
  • When speaking to a Game Master, please use a clean and understandable language. Courtesy and politeness are always the best ways to make your voice heard.
  • All the rules also apply to the use of the advertiser, please use it with intelligence.
  • During woe, don't come just to disturb it (we all know what it's about). It's a place for Guild affrontments.

II / Bug, Cheat and AFK

  • A gm can do checks such as teleporting to another area / talk to you / show his presence. If you have several games launched and some are secondary, take a look at the situation whezn you use them to avoid false positives.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any software to boost the reaction of your characters or to automate them.
  • The abuse bug is punishable just like the use of external software. If you think you have a bug, please talk to the Game Masters.
  • Bots are also not allowed.
  • The AFK drop is strictly forbidden, whether with a homunculus or any other mechanism. (But the AFK exp homunculus is tolerated, as long as you don't drop anything and it's not more than one.)
  • Having one DA homunculus is tolerated, but not more.
  • The auto follow is allowed, the auto move because the character herp derp, no.
  • Even mentioning the use of a third-party software or cheat (for laughter or not) may cause problems.
  • It's not allowed to afk/leech the bg, if you don't play it you may be kicked or even banned of it.

III / Double Account

  • Double account is allowed until it complies with the other rules.
  • Double account is prohibited in WOE / PvP / BG / event.
  • The uid represents a person, do not try to bypass the system.

IV / The Capital

  • The flood skill in capital is strictly forbidden.
  • The advertiser has been set up in order to get the information to the greatest number, so avoid multiplying your ads in the city. It is not there to settle your differences.
  • A shop area is located east of the central square, any shop outside this area will be ejected.
  • Please avoid avoid placing chatroom near a npc and in the middle of the central square.

V / The monsters

  • Mvp and mini-mvp are not subject to Kill Steal.
  • Fighting for a MvP don't allow you to, heal/make it teleport/boost/pneuma the mvp or the players. Fight it dealing more dps, that's all.
  • Do not hit a monster that another player started without his permission.
  • Do not bring monsters back to another player or his target.
  • There's no problem with monster train, but if there's other player on the map share the monsters.
  • Do not boost monsters that do not belong to you.
  • In summary, use common sense and courtesy.
  • Whenever possible, kill the mobs you started.
  • To take the aggro of a MvP for the contest to a team is authorized, but it is now subject to the condition to make it approach your dps / the tanker => there is no problem. To just make it walk, it it not. To be more precise, you have to leave Satan Morocc in the zone near the warp, in the tip around the warp until the path narrows. It is therefore obviously forbidden to tp (a fail can happen, but be careful with the timing and frequency.).

VI / Account / Character

  • You are the only owner of your account.
  • Be careful who you lend to, players using your accounts that create problems can also cause you problems.
  • Account lending is allowed, but be aware that in case of loss or theft of items, we will not return them.
  • It is strongly strongly recommended to use a different password for each ro server you visited. Indeed, some irresponsible admins have not protected your passwords and can use them.


  • GMs are subject to the same rules as players.
  • During events, all the rules set out by the Game Master must be followed.
  • We are open to constructive criticism, however, the lack of respect for the work of the staff is outlawed. Once again, courtesy and politeness are your best weapons.
  • We reserve the right to change the effect of a spell or any object for balancing purposes.

VIII / Sanctions

  • There is not necessarily a warning before sanction. When the initiation of the settlement is flagrant and deliberate, you are at great risk of receiving no warning before sanction.
  • Sometimes, some decisions may seem unfair to you, but remember that recidivism is also taken into account in sanctions. Thus, for the same offense, different players may have different penalties without this being stupid or illogical.
  • Harassment, even for a disagreement, aggravates your case. If the subject is closed, it is, returning to the charge will only harm you: it is harassment.
  • Provocation in general is very frowned upon, worse when you do it in public.

IX / Discord

  • Think of discord as an extension of the in game chat. The same rules apply.
  • Thus, you can be sanctioned on your in game account for you comportment on Discord.