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Lady Tanee HatLady Tanee Hat
Drop on Lady Tanee
Leo CrownLeo Crown
STR + 2. Increases resistance to Fire Property by 5%.
Required Level : 70
Drop on Agni
Leo DiademLeo Diadem
DEX + 2. Increases resistance to Property by 5%.
[Refine Rate 7~10]
FLEE + 10, ASPD + 3%.
Has a low chance of adding splash damage on basic attacks for 10 seconds.
Required Level : 70
Drop on Young Agni
Libra CrownLibra Crown
DEX + 3.
Required Level : 70
Drop on Ventus
Libra DiademLibra Diadem
ATK + 7
Required Level : 70
Drop on Young Ventus
Linguistic Book HatLinguistic Book Hat
INT + 1 , MDEF + 2.
Back to school furniture npc.
Link HatLink Hat
Little RoseLittle Rose
Buy with cash (each event box gives you 5 cash)!
Little Sky Wings [0]Little Sky Wings [0]
Secret of the wind dungeon
Long Tongue [0]Long Tongue [0]
No effect.
Help the preparation of the familly dinner in Dreamea.
Love in mouth [0]Love in mouth [0]
Secret of Asgard main quest.
Lotus HatLotus Hat
Drop on Lotus