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School BagSchool Bag
During the Back To school Event, speed +5.
Connect during the back to school event 2019.
School Bag 2School Bag 2
During the Back To school Event, speed +15.
Start the back to school nightmare adventure.
Sea Captain HatSea Captain Hat
Hidden in the jack quest.
Sky Wings [0]Sky Wings [0]
Wind Dungeon quest.
Sleeping Kitty Cat [1]Sleeping Kitty Cat [1]
Add 2% damage to animal type monsters.
Find the right cat.
Slurp HatSlurp Hat
Back to school furniture npc.
Smiling Turtle Hat [0]Smiling Turtle Hat [0]
Secret of the water dungeon.
Stunner ShadesStunner Shades
Hidden reward of the Jotunheim quest
Sunflower HairpinSunflower Hairpin
AGI + 2, Critical Rate + 5%.
Help Petal at the Dreamea's Garden.