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Ancient Gold Ornament [0]Ancient Gold Ornament [0]
If Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Taekwon class, ATK +3%.
If Mage or Acolyte or Ninja, MATK +3%, increase 3% of heal amount.
If Archer or Gunslinger, increase long distance physical attack power 3%.
If SuperNovice, ATK +1%, MATK +1%.
During the Asguard quest.
Angeling Hairpin [0]Angeling Hairpin [0]
Flee Rate + 5.
[Angel's Dress]
INT + 2, LUK + 6, Flee Rate + 5
During the Asguard quest.
Hill Wing Mask [0]Hill Wing Mask [0]
No Effect.
Help the one that have to stay in the corner. (True Odin Temple).
Love in mouth [0]Love in mouth [0]
Secret of Asgard main quest.
Old Cap [0]Old Cap [0]
No effect.
An angry mirror in the true temple of Odin (Asgard Quest).