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Sand Demon Card
Sand Demon CardAdd a 0,1% chance of gaining "Herb and Honey Tea" each time a Dragon monster is killed. Added to Dragon Egg card.
Equipped on: Accessory
Sera Card
Sera Card1% chance to drop Crystal of the custom dungeon when killing a monster
Equipped on: Accessory
Shadow Miming Card
Shadow Miming CardIf you're in the dreamea's custom field and dungeon: Matk +1%, Atk+1%.
[Combo - Neo Punk Card]
Speed bonus on dreamea's custom field and dungeon.
Equipped on: Accessory
Siremaid Card
Siremaid CardEvery time you kill a Brute monster, you have a 0.2 % chance to receive a "Box of Storms". Added to Stem Worm Card.
Equipped on: Accessory
Skoll Card
Skoll Card1% to drop a taming item when you kill a monster.
Equipped on: Accessory
Slimelala Card
Slimelala CardGain SP depending on the level of the monster you killed
Equipped on: Armor
Sppo Card
Sppo CardGain HP depending on the STR of the monster you killed
Equipped on: Armor